Finally, a single-serve sunscreen product for everyone!

     Less waste in the first place
Session Savers Sunscreen is the only single-use sunscreen product on the market. Contains 10 individually sealed sunscreen applications, convenient dispenser package, and a colorful carry-chain designed to attach sunscreen to clothing and gear

Born from necessity

Too many times we are wearing clothing while in the sun, but we still need sunscreen. Ideally just the perfect amount for our face and forearms. Introducing the ultimate sunscreen product designed for busy people on-the-go.

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Whats it for?

Session Savers Sunscreen is a small, easy to carry sunscreen product designed to be part of your sunscreen arsenal. According to the American Cancer Society, basal cell skin cancer is the most common form of skin cancer, and develops on areas of the skin most exposed to the sun, mainly the face and neck. Our product provides the opportunity to always have sunscreen available for your face and neck.

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Who is it for?

Session Savers are ideal for air-travel, (TSA approved), business or leisure. Perfect for sports fans, athletes, theme park guests, golfers, runners, the list is endless. And never before has sunscreen been fun for kids, or fallen into the gift/souvenir category as it does now. Using the convenient carry-chain included, attach Session Savers to the outside of your gear/clothing (chain included). Now it even serves as a visual reminder to wear sunscreen as well.

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Session Savers Sunscreen

The volume in each Session Savers pack is the perfect amount to cover exposed skin most susceptible to sunburn