Changing The Way We Use Sunscreen!

     Less waste in the first place

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“Although I live at the beach, most of the time I’m needing sunscreen I have on some sort of clothing. Not just in my swimtrunks. Be it pants and short sleeves at work, or shirt and tie at a trade show, I’m more often than not needing only a small amount of sunscreen for my face, and forearms.”
— Jason B.
San Diego, CA

“Whether I forgot it to begin with or I wanted to reapply sunscreen to my face during the day…the amount of sunscreen in Session Savers Sunscreen packs is perfect!”
Sharon V.
Charlotte, NC

“I was surprised how much comes out of one of those little packs. We love to use them while walking in the
Bob M.
Sarasota, FL

“How many times did you get to an outdoor event where you were fully clothed but wished you remembered to apply sunscreen to you face? I love this product! Why didn’t I think of that!?”
Barbara C.
Del Mar, CA

“Del Mar Race Track season is coming, don’t forget your sunscreen!”

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Session Savers Scenarios

1: You walk outside to the courtyard of your office complex to enjoy lunch and discuss business ideas with a coworker. You love to feel the sun on your face and the fresh air. But you don’t want to go in sunburned. Now women and men alike, can keep Session Savers SPF30 pocket packs in a
purse or in a laptop bag just for those occasions.

2:Triathletes and Marathons last several hours. And until now carrying along sunscreen during a race has been an inconvenience and a hassle. Or usually an impossibility.
So most just apply once in the early morning start and thats it for the whole day. Now you can bring along sunscreen unimpeded.